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Making Somewhere Other
La Biennale di Venezia

Once an idea is in play, our first instinct is always to draw upon the knowledge of others to expand and strengthen, but also to diverge and through conversation and pursue branching thoughts.

Further conversations, essays and behind-the-scenes process captured in Somewhere Other by Uro Publications.

For those making our installation ‘Somewhere Other’, the push and pull of our discussions and their constant guidance has created opportunities to both explore and refine. ‘Somewhere Other’ is a work of architecture in miniature, a compression of construction and detail that requires an intense focus of skill and ingenuity to realise in a short time frame. Furniture makers Jacaranda Industries and specialist steel fabricator Derek John combined together to assemble the object.

As it is an instrument for viewing, our collaborating film makers Coco and Maximilian needed to calibrate and refine the moments where moving images are revealed. The seamless placement of mirrors and the concealment of their presence was developed by the artist, Natasha Johns-Messenger.

Meticulously constructed in a factory, the object was then carefully deconstructed for shipping to Venice. A catalogue of pieces within a single container. Having survived the journey, the pieces have then been reconstructed in the Arsenale by the original team. This process of making in Australia and re-making in Venice, and the generosity and spirit of the team, ties together both places with human endeavour. The last piece, a blown glass viewing chamber formed on the island of Murano by artisan Leonardo Cimolin, has a shorter journey to make. It is held in place, precariously, by steel rods in a way that is an apt illustration of the reliance of each participant upon many others.

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