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In a neat quirk of serendipity, the doors of our Sydney studio have opened just as York & George, our 38-storey tower in the heart of the CBD, has been completed.

Reaching elegantly into the skyline, its simple, slender form and façade of undulating glass sits above the heritage sandstone structures of Carlton House and Spiden House. At ground level, the project revitalizes an existing courtyard and historic cartway to make a lively and active contribution to the city’s urban fabric.

Also busily embedding itself into Sydney’s civic fabric is our Sydney team, with Principal Jasmin Williamson returning home after 13 years in the Melbourne studio. Working alongside a growing contingent from Melbourne, Jasmin’s first gig will be as a jury member in the upcoming AIA NSW Chapter Awards.

Studio reports confirm the team has the best Surry Hills coffee shop sorted, and its best bookstore (hard to go past Adam Haddow’s The Architect’s Bookshop). Ditto with pubs, bars and parks for lunch. They’ve also been extending their knowledge of the city’s great makers and craftspeople, conjuring novel ways to work with them on future projects.      

Our work is defined by its sensitivity to place and a fascination with the process of making, the capability of materials and a sense of spirit about what buildings should do. We’re excited about bringing this thinking to new projects, and we’ll be sharing updates of current work – the completion of Phoenix Gallery for starters - and new commissions as they develop. Stay tuned.           

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