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Biodiversity Recovery Project

In partnership with Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, we’re delighted to announce the first stage of our Biodiversity Recovery Project.

In the beginning of 2020 in the aftermath of the summer’s horrific bushfires, we began exploring different ways to contribute to the recovery process. So began a series of conversations with Tim Entwisle and the team at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (RBGV) about the vital importance of preserving plant biodiversity – particularly in regions where plant species are critically endangered. While the immeasurable damage to people and wildlife has been front of focus since the bushfires, the devastating impact on plant life has received far less attention.      

In December 2020, the Biodiversity Project will see Botanists from the Victorian Conservation Seedbank carrying out targeted collecting trips to harvest seeds and cuttings from Victoria’s most threatened plant species, particularly from the vast East Gippsland 2019–2020 fire scar.

Wardle has donated $30,000 to support three seed collecting expeditions. An additional $25,000 has been donated by friends of the practice. Undertaken by qualified RBGV staff, the funds will cover field collection equipment, the ongoing propagation and viability testing of seeds at the Victorian Conservation Seedbank and the recollection of propagated seeds to ensure long-term viability. RBGV’s scientists believe three trips alone will safeguard the future of over 45 critically endangered Victorian plants. 

The donation marks the first step in our much broader commitment to RBGV’s bushfire recovery initiatives. The next step is to invite you to contribute to costs for the next series of field trips. RBGV is hoping to undertake three additional trips in coming months – please help us fund them! 

We invite you to check out our Bushfire Recovery Auction, for which a range of design items created by our practice will be available to the highest bidder. If you’ve always wanted a weekend away at our Robin Boyd Award-winning Shearers Quarters on Bruny Island, here’s your chance. Other auction items will include a series of Wardle Bed Trays and an exciting collection of books and ceramic works.


By supporting the Biodiversity Recovery Project, you’ll help RBGV ramp up its Plant Insurance Policy for Victoria by increasing the capacity of its labs and nurseries - the plant hospital if you will – to restore devastated plants.  It will enable RBGV to equip its mobile plant rescue vehicles with the best equipment for collecting seeds and build special bushfire recovery areas of its nurseries to propagate plants as quickly as possible for restoration of impacted areas when they are ready. - Tim Entwisle, Director and Chief Executive at Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

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