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This shortlisted entry was by invitation to replace the original pavilion. Our proposal engages with both Italian and Australian cultures to create a multicultural hybrid between creative endeavour, artisanship and technology.

Venetian notions of bridges as physical and metaphysical transitions are integral to this design. 

The pavilion is neither autonomous nor chameleon-like. Neither an isolated chamber for the display of art nor a structure melding seamlessly with its surroundings. It establishes a series of physical, cultural, and aesthetic bridges between nations through conversation and collaboration.

Terracotta participates in a conversation about passages from one place to another, from one time to another. Terracotta is a material commonplace in Italy with abundant local expertise. Yet our terracotta unit is not a traditional design or conventionally mass produced. Fired from a mix of rich Australian and Italian soils, its ridges and seams create a texture unique.

A ramp passing through the building crosses from one setting to another. From a crowded corner of the Giardini into the space of contemporary Australian art and architecture, and on to a Venetian canal.

Scenery transforms as you enter an anteroom and are welcomed to another reality, then oriented and guided further into a gallery space before returning to the city of bridges.

  • Project Team Wardle in collaboration with Industrial Designer Simon Lloyd
  • Client Australian Council for the Arts
  • Location Venice, Italy
  • Procurement Design Competition Proposal 
  • Project Duration 2011
  • Floor Levels 2
  • Footprint 150m2
  • Floor Area 549m2


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