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Diego Bekinschtein
Associate Principal | Technical Design Director

Diego is driven by his passion for the making of buildings. Fastidious by nature, Diego oversees Wardle award winning residential houses sector as well as niche projects such as tourism complexes and galleries. He is curious about the client’s brief and how they wish to live, as he believes it is these first principles combined with the observations his team makes from the site that will yield a truly unique design outcome for each project.

Diego’s particular talent is the fine exterior and interior detailing; stitching together a solution for a challenging design problem, figuring out the way that components come together. Throughout the commission Diego navigates the client through the nuances of the design process. He will involve the diverse range of staff members he leads and mentors; each with their own particular skills and talents. Diego will be involved throughout, making sure the clients ambitions and the design ideas are followed through to realization. 

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